Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giveaway Day!

Today is giveaway day! It's our last giveaway for Round 2 so make sure to comment before Sunday for your chance to win!

quilted picnic blanket

Today's question is about picnics, of course. Do you like or dislike picnics? Do you have a favorite blanket? Did you make it? What are your favorite picnic foods? Do you have a favorite picnicking memory?

I'm crazy about picnics! I look forward to picnic season all year long. I design picnic quilts in the middle of the winter, just so I'll be ready when the time comes to use them. To me, there's nothing better to do on a summer's afternoon. My boyfriend and I usually go to the park by his house and order seafood from the restaurant there. When we're not in the mood for that, we bring freshly baked bread (Ian makes it) and various cheeses and fruit. I made a new picnic blanket last summer that's just big enough for two people. We haven't picnicked yet this year but we will soon!
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