Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flickr Inspiration

When I saw this Courthouse Steps quilt on Sew, Mama, Sew I couldn't believe my eyes.  What a beautiful, ethereal work of art.  I contacted Chawne (cauchy09 on flickr) and she shared some information about her inspiring quilt.  Read on, readers!


Heart/h: all done (C365:191) 

Back in 2005, my mother mailed me a giant box of these pants she'd been collecting at my request. I always knew I wanted to try to make utility quilts but it can be a challenge to gather up enough discarded fabrics, especially if you want them to be fabrics and quilts with meaning. Seeing the range of colors and patinas in the fabrics reminded me of this stunning Gee's Bend quilt ( this one) and so I made my own version.

I should mention that this courthouse steps quilt was the second one that i made from that supply of pants. The first one was entirely improvisational--my first improvisational project, in fact. The two quilts are meant to be companions to represent many dichotomies in my family: black/white, rich/poor, blue-collar/white-collar, religious/atheist, liberal/conservative, slave/freedman, etc.

I only have a photo of the quilt top. Here's the [photo] for that one:

Freedom: all pieced (C365:158)


Make sure you stop by Chawne's flickr photostream and thank her for sharing about these unique quilts.  
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