Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's Modern: Solid Fabrics

Now that we've talked about prints, let's talk about solids. To many people, solids are the very definition of modern. Solids are sleek and streamlined, bold yet subtle.

On the other hand, solid fabrics have been used in quilts since the beginning of quilting. They give the eye a place to rest and provide a great canvas to show off quilting designs.

You've all probably seen Cherri's quilt: City News.

City News Quilt
Originally uploaded by cherry house quilts

Cherri's use of solids make this traditional quilt (do you see the bow ties?) feel very modern. The red/pink/orange is stunning and the black and white prints really enhance the modern feel.

It's also been a recent trend to make quilts out of only solids. The Amish have been doing it since the late 1800's, all good ideas come around eventually. Check out some of my favorite quilts made of all solid fabrics.

I have a few more fabric ideas to share tomorrow but in the meantime, do you use solid fabrics in your quilts? Do you use only solid fabrics in your quilts? Do they feel modern to you?
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