Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's Modern: Creative Use of Prints

The first "modern" idea I want to talk about is creative use of prints. Fussy cutting has been around forever but has seen a comeback in the modern quilt movement. I've seen a few traditional blocks make use of fussy cutting but I'd really love to see more. Also, keeping track of and manipulating directional prints can be a great way to add drama and movement to a block.

Check out this block that Julie made:

Stunning, right? Julie says it took her three hours to make but that it was worth it. I agree!

The pattern of the block itself is interesting but what really catches my attention is the way Julie used her fabric within the block. The fussy cut corners really tie everything together and the stripes and serpentine print keep the eye moving.

Here are a few more blocks that highlight fussy cutting and directional prints.

I love this block because the fabric and the block layout meld together in such a natural way.

And check out this gorgeous patchwork pillow. The depth created by the directional fabric is fantastic.

To me, traditional blocks often feel rigid and cold. They don't seem to have as much personality as today's improvised quilt blocks. But by making the most of your fabric, a traditional block can have character and a unique personality while still feeling orderly and tidy, while still staying true to its roots.

What do you think? Do you like to use directional prints/fussy cutting in your blocks? Feel free to link to a photo so we can all see.
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