Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Communication is good!

Hi swappers! Are you ready to start making your mini quilts? I know I am! Make sure you check out the Swap Guidelines first. Also, please try to get your flickr inspirations up as soon as possible so your swap partner can get started on their quilt for you.

Also, it's probably a good idea to give your partner some extra information, even if you know you'll be happy with anything they make. I know that I have a hard time making something for someone when I have no idea what they like. Giving them a place to start is nice and might help prevent panic attacks and crippling doubt (or is that just me?). It doesn't have to be much...we recommend a blog post (or a note on your flickr mosaic picture) listing some likes, dislikes, and any preferences you have (size, shape, color, etc). See my post (copied from my blog) as an example:

modify tradition swap

1. XOXO quilt, 2. Nine-patch Quilt - quilting, 3. Craftster Quilt Block (for me), 4. Flying Geese Table Runner in Pink detail, 5. { geometric squares quilt }, 6. finished, 7. Star Quilt Top, 8. Top Finished for DQS7, 9. DSCN0632, 10. Gelati Quilt Top, 11. cheese & cracker border, 12. May block for Marianne

I love bright colors, especially lime green, orange, teal and magenta (alone or in any combination). I love white or grey or tan for backgrounds. I'd be perfectly happy with one block or repeated blocks, borders, sashing or not, off center or on center, any size, square or rectangle...really, whatever you feel like.

I'm not into purple or dull colors.

Other than that, I just want you to have fun and design something that you love! Choose colors that inspire you, something that will be fun to piece, something that feels like "you". Hanging tabs would be welcome (I know I'll want to hang it up in the studio!) but I can also put them on myself.

I'm just really excited to see what you come up with!
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