Monday, March 29, 2010

Hither and Yon

This block is a doozy.  I ripped a lot of seams while working this tutorial.  As you all know, I'm making 8" finished blocks for a Christmas quilt.  Unfortunately, the 8" version of this block has some strange measurements, and so we're not able to use any of the easy piecing methods we've learned.


As always, I'm listing the measurements for 12" finished blocks with 8" measurements in parenthesis.  If you're too scared of triangles, check this tutorial to make a 12" finished block using easy piecing methods.  If you're making 8" finished blocks, you're stuck with this!

Fabric Requirements
Fabric A: light
Fabric B: medium
Fabric C: dark

Step 1: Cut as follows:
Fabric A

  • Cut two 4 1/4" (8" block -- 3 1/4") squares.  Divide each into 4 quarter-square triangles to get 8 total triangles.
  • Cut six 3 7/8" (8" block -- 2 7/8") squares.  Divide each into 2 half-square triangles to get 12 total triangles.
Fabric B

  • Cut one 3 7/8" (8" block -- 2 7/8") square.  Divide into 2 half-square triangles.
  • Cut one 4 3/4" (8" block -- 3 3/8") square.
Fabric C

  • Cut two 4 1/4" (8" block -- 3 1/4") squares.  Divide each into 4 quarter-square triangles to get 8 total triangles. 
  • Cut three 3 7/8" (8" block -- 2 7/8") squares.  Divide each into half-square triangles to get 6 total triangles.
Step 2: Join each of your smallest light triangles to your smallest dark triangles.  You will have 8 half-square triangle blocks.


Step 3:  Use the half-square triangle blocks you just created in step 2 to create two pinwheel blocks.  



Step 4: Join your remaining light and dark triangles together to create 6 half-square triangle blocks.  Set your remaining light triangles to the side.


Step 5:  This is where it gets complicated.  Join three half-square triangle blocks, two remaining light triangles, and one dark triangle together as shown in the pictures.  Make sure to add the dark triangle to each section last.  When you're finished, you'll have one large patchwork triangle.




Step 6:  Follow the same sewing process from step 5 to create another large patchwork triangle. Press seams.



Step 7:  You now have two light triangles, two pinwheels, and your center square unsewn.  Sew the long side of one triangle to the top of a pinwheel.  Sew this unit to the dark center square.  Then, add another pinwheel and end with the remaining triangle.  You now have one strip of patchwork to make up for the middle of your block.  Press seams as desired.  (Sorry for no picture, I forgot to take one!)

Step 8:  Sew your three sections together and press seams as desired.  

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