Monday, March 8, 2010

Corner Star

Sorry for being tardy to the party.  I'm not usually the one to make a fashionably late entrance, but this block boggled my mind for longer than usual.


The Corner Star block is made up of flying geese and square in a square units.  If you've been quilting along with us, this will be a piece of cake for you!

This tutorial lists measurements for a 16" block, since that's what we'll need for our project this week.  Measurements for the 8" block are written in parenthesis.  If you need 12" measurements, just ask!

Fabric Requirements:

  • Fabric A (patterned or solid)
  • Fabric B (patterned or solid, but different from A)
  • Fabric C (for background)
Step 1 - Cut fabric as follows

Fabric A: Cut 16 2.5" squares (8" block -- 1.5")(12" block -- 2")
Fabric B: Cut 16 2.5" squares (8" block -- 1.5")(12" block -- 2")
Fabric C: 
  • Cut 9 4.5" squares (8" block -- 2.5")(12" block -- 3.5")
  • Cut 4 2.5" squares (8" block -- 1.5")(12" block -- 2")
  • Cut 12 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles (8" block -- 1.5" x 2.5")(12" block -- 2" x 3.5")

Step 2 - Mark a diagonal line across the back of all Fabric A and Fabric B 2.5" squares.  Line up four squares of each fabric with a Fabric C rectangle.  Sew on the marked line.  


Step 3 - Trim seam allowance to 1/4" and press seams as desired.  At this point you will have 8 units. 


Step 4 - Repeat step two.  Trim and press seam allowances.  At this point you have 8 flying geese units.


Step 5 - Set aside four 4.5" background squares along with the remaining patterned fabric squares.  Align blocks as shown in the photo.  Fabric A and Fabric B should be placed in diagonal corners.  Sew on the marked line.  Press seams and trim as desired.  Create four units.



Step 6 - Align remaining squares just as you did in step 5.  Sew on the marked line.  Press seams and trim as desired.  Create four units. 



Step 7 - Lay out all pieces as shown.  Check to be sure that star points are reaching outward.  


Step 8 - Join pieces together as shown.  Press seams in opposite directions.


Step 9 - Get the steam ready!  Press your block into submission.


Step 10 - Admire and add your photo to our flickr group!


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