Monday, February 22, 2010


I love the look of this block-- it's similar to Sawtooth and Bear's Paw blocks, but just unique enough.  You can make this block using one, two, or four medium or dark focus fabrics plus a light fabric for the background.  My block uses four focus fabrics; if you want to use less, just adjust your cutting instructions as needed.

Just like last time, measurements given are for a 12" block.  Measurements for an 8" block are listed in parentheses.

Step 1 -  Cut fabrics as follows.  
From your light fabric cut:
  • 1 of 6 7/8" square (8" block -- 4 3/4").  
  • 8 of 2 3/8" squares (8" block -- 1 7/8")
  • 4 of 2" squares (8" block -- 1 1/2")
  • 1 of 4 1/4" square.  Divide into quarter square triangles. (8" block -- 3 1/4")
From each Focus Fabric cut:
  • 1 of 5 3/8" square.  Divide into half-square triangles.  Save half of each, put the other half in your scraps bin.  (8" block -- 3 7/8")
  • 3 of 2 3/8" squares.  (8" block -- 1 7/8")
Note:  These instructions are for four focus fabrics.  If you are using two focus fabrics, multiply the amount cut from each fabric by 2.  If you are using one focus fabric, multiply the amount cut from each fabric by 4.  


Step 2 - Sew two of your large triangles to opposite sides of your 6 7/8" square.  Press seams as desired.


Step 3 - Attach the two remaining large triangles to the open sides of the square to create a square in a square block.  Press seams as desired. 


Step 4 - Take 8 2 3/8" squares from your light fabrics.  Mark each with a diagonal line.  Pin to 2 each of your 2 3/8" focus fabric squares.  Sew 1/4" from either side of your marked line.  Chain piece if desired. 



Step 5 - Cut in half on the diagonal line.  Press seams as desired.  You now have 16 half square triangle units.  


Step 6 - Cut your remaining 2 3/8" focus fabric into half square triangles.


Step 7 - Sew one half square triangle of each focus fabric to each of your light quarter square triangles.  Make sure to match your pieces as shown.  Press seams as desired.  



Step 8 - Lay out your square in a square block.  Match your pieces from Step 7 as shown in the photo.  


Step 9 - Take your remaining focus fabric triangles and complete your layout.  


Step 10 - Complete your flying geese.  Be sure to line up your pieces correctly and double check your layout.  Press seams as desired.


Step 11 - Using a 1/4" seam, join remaining pieces together following the process shown in the photos.  Press seams as desired.






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