Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amish Diamond

Oh my gosh, check out Lisa's new Amish Diamond Block:

Originally uploaded by 10THINGSatAtime

I LOVE how she used fussy cutting and directional prints to take this block to a new level! I also can't get enough of those colors! Lisa is working out 6" versions of these blocks which makes them truly tiny! I love truly tiny things!

It looks like almost everyone is keeping up with our rapid quilt-along pace. I'm so excited about that and Jen and I are really, really happy that you guys are quilting along with us. It's so nice to have a group of people who can keep each other going, keep each other inspired to make the next awesome block. Thank you for joining us in this experiment!

Also, in case you were wondering: our block tutorials will finish up in early December which means that ambitious quilters can have a finished quilt by the holidays or end of the year. I'm looking forward to spending some snowy evenings binding my quilt. It's my favorite part about quilting!

What's your favorite part of the quilting process?
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