Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catch-up Week

Hi everyone! As you can see, Jennifer and I are running a bit behind this week. We've decided to cut our losses and declare this a "catch up" week...for us and, if you're quilting along with us, for you.

This means no giveaway this week but that doesn't have to keep us from chatting. I'd love to know: what projects are you working on these days? Link to pictures or blog posts if you have them.

I'm finishing up the last few Mod projects and cutting fabric for two new quilts and making raw edge applique throw pillows.

And if you haven't been to the flickr pool in a while, check it out!

There's a beautiful finished quilt using round 1 blocks.

And lots of new blocks: Corner Star, Eight Hands Around, Amish Diamond, The Dandy, Quatrefoil and a grouping of four blocks in a color scheme that is, in my opinion, quite striking!

We'll be back on Monday with our next block tutorial. Stay tuned...
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