Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Antique Tile

Check it out! Amber of One Shabby Chick made five gorgeous Antique Tile blocks for one of her quilting bees.

for badlandquilts
Originally uploaded by One ShaBby ChiCk

This is my favorite but the other four are beautiful (and sassy!) as well.

This is such a flexible block, as Amber demonstrated. Visiting our flickr group is definitely my favorite part of this project. I love seeing how different fabrics and the use of light and dark can change a block so completely. So, don’t be shy…even if you make just one block, add it to the pool!

You know, it's funny...I've seen our tutorials pop up here and there and every time I do, I just sort of stare in disbelief. I can see that there are lots of people following the blog but I still can't believe people are actually reading it. And, you know, making blocks! And telling friends! It's just so satisfying (and kind of terrifying) and Jennifer and I have you all to thank.

So, you know, thank you!
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